Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe

Looking for a sweet & simple breakfast to set you up well for all your activities? This high-protein smoothie will instantly have you on track to hitting your daily macros and keep you full until lunch!

Featuring our best-selling Soy Protein Isolate and Gluten-Free Rolled Oats — it’s packed full of plant-based protein, fibre and complex carbohydrates to support the recovery process after exercise and help fuel you throughout the day.

And with strawberries and bananas in the mix, this fruity smoothie is packed full of vitamins and minerals too! To name just a few, it’s loaded with vitamin B6, vitamins C and K, potassium and manganese – all in one serving.2

Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe | Myvegan

This recipe is a quick fix that you barely have to think about — ideal if you’re one of those people who needs a few hours to get fully into gear. Plus, if you’re leaving the house for work, it’s easy to dash out the door with and enjoy on-the-go!

Breakfast Protein Smoothie Recipe

Time: 5 mins | Servings: 1 | Calories: 358 kcal | Protein: 32g



  1. Simply add all the ingredients into a blender and blend till smooth. Enjoy!

Jenessa Hung

Jenessa Hung

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