We believe that a vegan diet and healthy lifestyle should be simple, delicious and wallet-friendly.
That's why we've got a huge range of vegan protein powders, healthy snacks, superfoods & essential vitamins and minerals catered for anyone on a health kick, starting their vegan journey, or for those who are just generally a bit curious! Our products can cater for those indulgent moments, healhty intentions and all the moments in between.

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We're Plastic Neutral

If you didn't know already, we're plastic neutral (the World's First Sports Nutrition Brand to be exact). This means that any plastic used producing or shipping any of our products is offset, while we work on long terms plans to reduce completely. We've achieved this by partnering with rePurpose Global, a company running programmes that collect and recycle plastic waste from nature, equivalent to the amount we use in our packaging and operations.

Our expertise, their accreditation

So, whether you’re just trying to make it through the week or you have a specific goal in your sights — we’re here to help you unlock more from your body, and mind, with nothing but the power of nature. We aren’t saying we’re going to change your world with a Vegan Pancake Mix… but we think it’s as good a place to start as any. Tastes great too.