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Health & Wellbeing

What do we mean by Health and Wellbeing?  

Health is defined as a state of welfare, with emotional, psychological and social factors affecting it. Health, whether it be physical or emotional also determines how we handle stress and make choices in life from working productively and fruitfully, to making a contribution to the community.1 Wrapped up in the notion of mental health, mental wellbeing, on the other hand, can represent positive aspects of your mental health; being in a comfortable, healthy or happy state.  

Incorporating mental health and wellbeing into our sustainability objectives was essential as we felt that it was important to open up the conversation about eco-anxiety. Many of us feel helpless in the climate crisis and fear for the future, so providing more education surrounding the topic of sustainability is crucial.  


5 Ways to Improve Your Health & Wellbeing

1. Try to get physical as much as you can 

Exercise is a powerful mechanism which works wonders for your brain. Whether you run, cycle, do a workout or walk around the park, fresh air can support stress relief and your sleep quality.2 Even if for a short period of time, try your best to get your heart moving and release some great endorphins. 

2. Connect, connect, connect!

There is strong evidence indicating that staying connected, feeling close and valued by other people is a fundamental human need.3 Staying connected also provides the opportunity to share positive conversations, increasing self-worth and mindset.

3. Eat and drink responsibly 

In order to work at its best, your brain needs a mixture of nutrients, therefore being responsible for your meals is essential. There is a link between diet and mood, with certain food groups and drinks affecting the brain in different ways. In order to have a healthy diet, its key to have fruit and vegetables and keep hydrated.4 

4. Talk about how you are feeling 

Talking about how you are feeling being linked to weakness is a common cultural misconception. It’s not easy to have emotional conversations however it could reduce the problem and support by finding better ways to cope.5 

5. Try something new

Although it might sound daunting or you find that you don’t have enough time, research has found trying new things can boost self-confidence, help you connect with others and build a sense of purpose.6

Our objective & what are we doing to achieve this?  

Myvegan has been developed to support the health and wellbeing of our customers – developing innovative plant-based products to support your health & wellness goals. We make it a priority to source the best ingredients benefitting our customers on a daily basis. To further, good nutrition and exercise are important for physical health. Physical and mental health are interlinked, and by supporting a healthy physical lifestyle, Myvegan are supporting the health and wellbeing of consumers.

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Katie Lambert

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