What is Sustainable September 2020? | Our 5 Key Objectives

Welcome to Sustainable September 2020! 

We are thrilled to be bringing you a month jam-packed full of educational and engaging content surrounding many environmental and sustainabilityfocused hot topics 

We understand that the environment and sustainability are two integral parts of veganism and extremely important in why many people choose to go vegan. This is why we have dedicated a whole month to provide educational content in this area, opening up important conversations and learning together. 

What is Sustainable September?  

During Sustainable September, we will be providing a large variety of content across all of our channels, ranging from educational pieces, videos to DIY upcycling ideas. We are also bringing you our first virtual Sustainability Summit, where we have found the best influential speakers to share stories and discuss important topics.  

More information surrounding the content this month will be visible on our social media platforms and in emails – keep an eye out for what is to come. You don’t want to miss out! Follow us on Facebook and Instagram for exciting updates: @myvegan / myvegan.

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Our Sustainability Initiatives  

We also want to use this month to share our sustainability initiatives with you – highlighting what we are doing to become a more sustainable brand. We are not perfect; however, we are making it a priority to work towards positive change and to give back when we can – highlighted by our 5 key objectives below:  

  • Reducing Carbon and Energy 
  • Protecting Natural Resources  
  • Giving Back to the Community  
  • Eliminating Waste  
  • Health and Wellbeing   

We have gone into further and important detail surrounding our sustainability objectives on our blog, click here to find out more

Why is being vegan sustainable? 

Since the late 1960s, the human population has doubled – not to mention meat production has almost quadrupled.1 Plant-based dietary living only requires one-third of the land needed compared to meat and dairy diets,2 making veganism a more sustainable option by reducing the strain on our planet’s resources. 

Let’s make a difference this Sustainable September, one bite at a time. 

Have you got any questions? Check out our sustainability FAQ or alternative articles below:

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Why Protect Natural Resources | Sustainable September

Every time we make a change to our product ingredients and packaging, we consider the environmental impact of those changes and work closely with our suppliers to make sure they are meeting the right standard of quality.

2020-09-01 00:09:01By Katie Lambert

Eliminating Waste | Sustainable September


Eliminating Waste | Sustainable September

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